Oyster Point Shuttle Service

During commute hours, a 25-passenger shuttle bus makes regularly scheduled runs to the South San Francisco Bart Station, South San Francisco CalTrain Station and SF Bay Ferry terminal. As a Tenant of Oyster Point Marina Plaza, this is. Complementary shuttle passes are available in the Management Office and are renewed six (6) months. Schedules are available by clicking the links below.

Please Note: Tenant's guests who need public transportation to and from the shuttle stop locations are welcome to use the Shuttle free of charge. Please have your guests tell the shuttle driver that they are visiting OPMP for "training" and they will allow the use of the shuttle to and from the property. If any guest is going to use the Shuttle for more than 14 days in a row, they must obtain a shuttle pass from the management office.

  • Free BART Shuttle Schedule: BART Shuttle
  • Free CALTRAIN Shuttle Schedule: CALTRAIN Shuttle
  • Free FERRY Shuttle Schedule: FERRY Shuttle
  • South San Francisco Oyster Point Shuttle Service Holidays
  • The South San Francisco Oyster Point Shuttle observes a number of holidays each year. On these "Service Holidays," this route will not be in operation. Following is the list of City Approved non-service days:
  • New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • In addition to the days listed above, BART may operate limited service on President's Day and the day after Thanksgiving. On these two days, the Oyster Point BART shuttle will observe a reduced schedule. Only Bus B will operate. Bus A will not be in service. Please refer to the schedule to determine which trips are served by Bus B.
  • Unless noted elsewhere, the shuttle will maintain its normal schedule on days not observed as "Shuttle Holidays".
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